A Funny Thing Happened Last Night
...and by "funny thing" I mean "tragicomedy of the highest order".
12 04 10 - SICK.
tehlime: (merlin • strange enchanted boy)

....I'm almost better though.

So in the throws of my illness, I've returned to Merlin, seeking comfort and also an adorable boy-wizard and also slashy subtext. I have not been disappointed! (I do wish they'd gotten rid of the shit writing while I was away, along with the lack of character development, obsession with the reset button, and complete ignorance of continuity, but hey, you can't have everything in life.) Anyway, a good time has been had by all! And now I get to watch the season finale, which will either be terribly awesome or awesomely terrible, it's anyone's guess at this point really.

Also, I do not have to be back to work until Monday! (At which point I will start working 7 days a week. We'll see how that goes, I have my concerns, but I'm not going to be working 55 hours. Just around 38. But with transportation, it's an extra hour or so there, and an extra hour or so back, which adds up to 52 hours. WE'LL SEE.) Anyway, I am not worrying about that right now, I simply can't start doing that. Instead, I'm going to go and watch Merlin. Hooray for the Slash! Long live the Slash!
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