A Funny Thing Happened Last Night
...and by "funny thing" I mean "tragicomedy of the highest order".
08 09 14 - Doctor Who; A Necessary End
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I am posting vids again! So I've been sitting on about six completed vids that I've had trouble posting, so I decided to submit two of them to VividCon as a way to force myself to start showing my work to other people again. (Just writing this is giving me mild anxiety, so yaaay.) Also I've been working on this one since 2010, which was before Matt Smith was cast (!!!), so it is seriously time to move on. It's also posted over on my tumblr!

Source: Doctor Who
Song: A Necessary End by Saltillo
Summary: "All of time and space; everywhere and anywhere; every star that ever was." - The Doctor

Download: box; .avi, 81mb

Major thanks to [identity profile] vi0lace.livejournal.com and [identity profile] sweetestdrain.livejournal.com for helping me pick vids to submit, and for being really kind and encouraging!
(The audio quotes are a part of the original Saltillo song, and not my addition. They are all taken from Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare.)
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