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06 18 13 - Futile Devices, Kirk/Spock (Star Trek Into Darkness)
tehlime: (Default)
It turns out I still have a lot of vidding feelings, regardless of my feelings about the movie itself. Sorry-not-sorry! (Though I am sorry about the cam-quality footage.) Cross-posted on my tumblr and livejournal. This is also definitely un-betaed, you have been warned. I really hope you enjoy it!

Source: Star Trek Into Darkness
Song: Futile Devices by Sufjan Stevens
Summary: Kirk. Spock. "And I would say I love you / But saying it out loud is hard"

Download: box / mediafire; .avi, 19.2mb
Streaming: Vimeo

tehlime FutileDevices from tehlime on Vimeo.

It's been a long, long time
Since I've memorized your face
It's been four hours now
Since I've wandered through your place
And when I sleep on your couch
I feel very safe
And when you bring the blankets
I cover up my face

I do
Love you
I do
Love you

And when you play guitar
I listen to the strings buzz
The metal vibrates underneath your fingers
And when you crochet
I feel mesmerized and proud

And I would say I love you
But saying it out loud is hard
So I won't say it at all
And I won't stay very long

But you are life I needed all along
I think of you as my brother
Although that sounds dumb

And words are futile devices
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